4 Ideas for your business to survive the crisis

The pandemic and confinement have hit the world economy hard, different types of businesses have seen the consequences, however, the market must regain confidence after the unexpected Covid-19 crisis.
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After taking stock of the losses, it is key to devise a plan to recover customers and reactivate. In this article we give you 4 ideas to overcome the crisis:


Take a space to design a complete business plan, get advice from an expert in accounting and finance so you can have a real picture of the situation of your company.

Adjust sales estimates for at least the next quarter, so you will also adjust your production capacity, cutting more expenses.

Make a projection of your business with the worst possible scenario in mind to face it; for example, with income reduced to 80 percent.

If you rent your workplace, tell your landlord about your situation and offer to pay the monthly payment in deferred amounts, or delay the payment this month to do it together with the next.


Reactivate your network of contacts. Take advantage of your own means to communicate the status of your activities, if you reopened the doors of your premises or if you are attending through different virtual channels. Start by connecting with your pre-crisis client portfolio contacts. Some of them may have stopped hiring you or postponed their purchases, but they should know that you are there to support them when they need it.


The pandemic has driven digital transformation, it is recommended and almost necessary to bring SMEs into this world. Consider using technology as an enabler to be close to consumers and providers, despite the lack of physical coexistence. Your clients must know that you continue operating and what you can continue offering.


If you have had to stop completely in your company, remember that you already have the most important thing: your experience as an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, this will help you evaluate the path you have traveled and analyze what you can do from now on to innovate and start again. with more desire.