Everything you need to know about your ITIN number

The Federal ITIN Number is required to file your taxes in the United States. If your number is about to expire, Valle Group, a serious and professional company, located in Nampa, Idaho, advises you to renew your ITIN effectively, complete the W-7 application without complications and expedite the process.
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Remember: if your ITIN, or the ITIN number of any of your family members is about to expire, you must submit the renewal application immediately.

You do not have to wait until you receive a notice from the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, to begin your process at Valle Group.

If the middle digits of your ITIN are those identified by the IRS as the ones that are going to expire, you need to start your process today.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in filing a tax return or refund claim in 2020, you should begin the renewal process as soon as possible.


Know the ITINs that will expire

“Any ITIN that has not been used in a tax return for the 2016 tax year, 2017 tax year or 2018 tax year, will expire on December 31, 2019. In addition, any ITIN whose middle digits are 83, 84, 85, 86 or 87 (for example: 9NN-83-NNNN), it will also expire at the end of the year”, as reported by the IRS, Internal Revenue Service.


Where do I get advice to renew an ITIN that will expire?

To renew an ITIN that is about to expire, you have the support of the professional team of Valle Group, there you will have all the support you need to submit your Form W-7 (SP), the Request for Personal Identification Number of the Service Taxpayer of Internal Taxes, duly completed, the experts of Valle Group will help you check that you meet the requirements, that the documents are valid and have the necessary annexes for your renewal to be successful.

Renewing your ITIN on time will prevent headaches and subsequent difficulties. Remember that until the ITIN is not renewed, “declarations with an expired ITIN will be processed without certain tax credits and / or any exemptions claimed, and no refund will be paid at that time”, reported the Internal Revenue Service.


“If the ITIN is not renewed, the taxpayer may be subject to fines and interest on any tax due as a result of exemptions and credits that were not allowed”, explained the IRS.


CWhen a declaration is presented with an expired ITIN, the credits are denied and the mathematical error are generated, so start your process now and receive all the benefits that you have with the support of the true experts: Valle Group.

Get all the answers with the advice of Valle Group, visit its offices in Nampa, Idaho located at 124 3rd St S, Nampa, ID 83651 or call from anywhere: (208) 505-0108. 

Receive personalized and timely attention to renew your ITIN!