New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is always a good time to think about new goals and fulfill your dreams. Think for a moment what you would like to achieve next year, take paper and pencil and start writing everything you want to achieve in 2020.
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¿Planea unas vacaciones familiares o tiene un auto nuevo en su radar? ¿O tal vez le gustaría saber cómo hacer que sus ahorros vayan más allá?

Do you plan a family vacation or have a new car on your radar? Or maybe you would like to know how to make your savings go further?


Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, our advice can help you make 2020, the year your money starts working for you.


Follow these tips and fulfill your purposes!


1. Make an effective budget

To know where you can save, you really need to know what you spend. Therefore, budgeting is one of the most important things you can do to start up your new money plans for the new year.


Take a look at your finances and find subscriptions that you can cancel, or ask yourself how to get insurance that fits your budget and your needs, these details can add up to some great savings.


2. Keep a better record of what you spend

The more you spend, the harder it will be to know exactly how much you have. To keep track of your bank balance, keep an expense journal. Not only will this help you keep the budget, but it will also highlight the places where you spend too much or where you could be wasting money.


3. Start saving

Did you know that saving just $ 3 per day adds up to $ 1,095 over the course of a year? Put the money in a jar to see it grow before your eyes, or even better, find a savings account that helps you increase your money.


Not sure how to save that $ 3? Well, you could lower your caffeine dose by filling a thermo at home … analyze those small expenses and save.


Even if you don’t have a great project to concentrate your efforts on the new year, save money every month. You can even allocate this money to your own emergency or unforeseen fund. It is always advisable to save for two or three months of expenses.


4. Get insurance

Do not delay the acquisition of your insurance. No one wants to be involved in an accident or face unfortunate events, however, it is better to prevent and be protected. Take care of what you love most, your family and your heritage.


For example, life insurance is an economic protection for the ones you love. Basically, life insurance allows you to replace the product or economic facilities that you provide, such as your salary, your work, your care within the family. In addition, there are other types of insurance that will help you to be protected against different risks.


Keep these tips in mind and motivate yourself to make 2020 the year you recover your finances and meet all your goals.