Save money with the time change

On November 3, clocks will be delayed an hour giving us a little less light at night; however, this season could be an opportunity to save and tidy up finances if we organize ourselves well.
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With an hour’s advantage, saving money will not be a priority on your list; however, in Valle Group we recommend some really easy ways to save and control your finances.

Verify your bank balance

Knowing your bank account balance is the best way to know if you can afford to spend something. If your balance is low, you will save by not spending the money, and in turn, you will avoid being charged overdraft fees.


Manage your thermostat

The days are really cold, but how about lowering the thermostat one degree while using a woolen coat for warmth? Simply doing so will save you 10% on your annual energy bills.


It is also a good idea to be smarter with the time control of your thermostat. If your house is empty during the day, or you can cope with the lack of heating for a while, turn off your timer for a while and you will notice the difference in your bills.


You may have heard this before, but what if you try it!


Leave your cards at home

A great season of celebrations is coming. If you are going out with friends and family and know that you can only spend a certain amount, leave your debit and credit cards at home and simply take the cash you have budgeted.


Avoid the ‘ant’ expenses

The ‘ant’ expenses are those small payments you make on a daily basis that make your money fade away without realizing it. You will need willpower to avoid such expenses, but for example, not buying a hot drink on the way to work or when you go shopping saves you time and money. Trimming $3 for coffee every day would save you $ 1,095 in a year, not bad, right?


Be aware of your finances

It is easy to leave that invoice or bank statement for “later” for the fear of facing the reality of your debts; however, it is better not to postpone it. Review your statements and invoices as soon as you receive them and take the time to verify the transactions.


Organize your finances and those of your company with Valle Accounting. Remember that from November 3rd you’ll have one hour of advantage to carry out your projects and catch up with your figures.