The best commercial insurance to protect your business

Commercial Insurance: Ensuring that your business is protected is one of the most important things that any entrepreneur must do, in order to preserve the present and future of his company.
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Regardless of the size of the company, protecting assets and employees must be a priority.

In Valle Insurance we want to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the importance of commercial insurance, not only to comply with the legal obligations of their company, but also to strengthen commercial relationships within the industry in which they perform with guarantee and support.


Many entrepreneurs know the advantages of having commercial insurance. However, some do not have their legal responsibility and prefer to put their assets at risk. Don’t be part of that group!


Keep in mind that prevention will always be better than sorry. Commercial insurance is coverage designed to protect companies, their owners and employees and, no doubt, every company must have an insurance.


At Valle Group we understand that, when choosing commercial insurance, most entrepreneurs have doubts about what type of policy they need, what coverage they have and how much it will cost them, so our team of professionals is ready to provide you with the better advice and find the insurance that really fits your needs.


Determining what insurance coverage, you need will depend largely on the type of business.

In the market you can find a long list of types of commercial insurance, however, you should only hire the most suitable for your type of business. In Valle Group we help you understand the different types of commercial insurance and how they can protect you in times of difficulty.


These are some types of insurance:

Workers Compensation Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Health insurance

Commercial property insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance

Work Liability Insurance

Keep in mind that your company will not need all types of insurance, only some of them. To determine which one is the best, it is important to evaluate the industry in which you work.


There is no general single insurance policy for small business or medium business owners, every business is different. For example, every small business need property insurance and liability insurance. If you have commercial vehicles, you will need insurance to cover them.


Other aspects that will allow you to determine the type of insurance you need are: size of the company, location, number of employees, annual income and years of operation.


Business insurance requirements vary by state, but at Valle Group we can advise you no matter where your business is located.


If you need help in determining what type of business insurance you need, contact Valle Group 208-505-0108.


Consult our team of experts and learn about the types of commercial insurance available.


We are ready to offer you a quote with the best alternatives for your company.