Vacations: Ready to travel to Mexico by car?

When you’re going on vacation to Mexico you want to make sure you have everything you need. Your passport, gifts for the family and tidy clothes. But do you have your Temporary Import Permit for Vehicles to Mexico and your auto insurance ready?
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Remember that, if you take an American car to Mexico, you must meet the above requirements. Do your paperwork in advance and avoid headaches.

What is the Temporary Vehicle Import Permit


The Temporary Importation of Vehicles Permit is a legal document that allows you to take a car with license plates, permit or registration record from another country to Mexico.


According to the Consulate of Mexico, “In addition to importing a vehicle, you can import one or more motorcycles, trotters, ATVs, jet skis, or recreational cars (not authorized to drive on federal or state roads), up to a maximum of three units; for this you must prove the ownership of the towed or transported units and register them in the temporary import permit of the vehicle ”.


How to carry out this procedure to take the car from the United States to Mexico


Your trip can be quicker with the advice of Valle Group. We can help you perform this diligence without complications. With our group of experts you will find all the necessary advice to do your paperwork easily and safely.


Remember that for Mexican citizens, the vehicle import permit is valid for 180 days; A great advantage is that you can stop the remaining days of your permit to use them on the next visit.


Please note that you must perform this procedure in advance, preferably three weeks before your trip.


Where I can start the process


The application and processing of the temporary import permit for your vehicle must be made before BANJERCITO. By making your request with Valle Group, we will help you make your application online, thus saving time and avoiding long lines.


The temporary import permit for your vehicle can also be made in the CIITEV modules located on the Mexican borders and in the BANJERCITO modules located inside 11 Mexican Consulates in the United States of America.


However, leaving this process for when you are at the border can involve a long waiting time and long lines. Avoid stress and make your request in advance with the support of Valle Group.


Requirements to process the Temporary Import Permit of Vehicles:


If you are a Mexican citizen, you must present proof of residence abroad.


If you are a foreigner, present your passport or birth certificate and condition of stay granted by the National Migration Institute.


In addition, it is necessary to present the document that accredits you as the owner of the vehicle.


If the car is from the company where you work, then you must present the title deeded in the name of the company and check the employment relationship with that company to the car that will enter Mexico.


Documents required by the Mexican Government


To prove ownership of the vehicle that requires temporary importation, you must submit one of the following:


Property title


Current plate registration


Credit agreement with a term of no more than three months


Current lease agreement


For Mexican citizens with legal residence abroad:




Permanent residence card; o Work visa




The foreigner may only present a valid passport or passport card and the official document issued by the National Migration Institute (INM)


How much

Contact Valle Group for the most up-to-date Temporary Permit rate. Keep in mind, Banjercito will require a deposit for your vehicle that will be refunded upon your return, as long as you meet your permit time.


Travel insurance

In addition to having the vehicle import permit, it is essential to be insured.


Does my car insurance cover me when traveling abroad? Will my insurance be responsible if I have an accident? The uncertainty of whether car insurance has coverage abroad is common for many drivers.

With holidays just around the corner, remember that if you are traveling to Mexico by car, you must have the appropriate insurance coverages and thus protect your heritage and the well-being of your family.

In Valle Group you have the best advice to protect yourself during the days you will be outside the United States. We help you compare and quote your car insurance with the best companies to find the fairest prices with the perfect coverage.


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